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Our Story

"The Inner Elite Brand represents those who have pursued their dreams and are unapologetic about the success they've had in doing so."  - Founder  Michael Foster

Inner Elite was founded by American Filmmaker, Michael Foster, and was born out of a necessity to provide another outlet for people who have become successful to express themselves through Fashion.  The Inner Elite movement grew out of countless conversations amongst Michael and other visionaries from all parts of the globe.  During these conversations what was found was that there was a common mindset and way of life of these successful dreamers.  There was talk of sacrifice, focus, and an unwavering hunger to accomplish the goals set before them.  From these conversations an alliance began forming as these visionaries realized they were finally among those who truly understood them.  These conversations sometimes lasted into the early hours of the morning and only stopped because the respective parties had to get back to the empires they were building.  This alliance consists of visionaries covering all trades and professions from Filmmakers, Business Owners, Lawyers, TV/Radio Personalities, Entertainers, Athletes, Politicians, and more. 

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