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Notes from the Director...Michael "Lyfelong" Foster

Vee was the first actress I ever worked with as a filmmaker.  With what we established on that film I knew Vee would have a spot in my first feature.  Her character Alexis was the first character we had conceptualized for the film.  Vee was either going to be the lead character Andrea, or her best friend Alexis.  At a screening for our previous film “Evelyn Black”, it was something about Vee that day that screamed Alexis.  At that moment I knew who would be playing Alexis and that it should’ve been her from the beginning. 

As a Director working with Vee is always a pleasure.  She possesses the ability to make you believe she’s really the character she’s portraying.  Alexis is brutally honest and has no filter, but she's the type of person you value for never sugar coating anything.

As an Actor, Vee and I haven't been in scenes playing off of each other as of yet. There's some things currently in the works in which we may get that opportunity.

One of the most memorable moments for Vee playing Alexis was in her very first scene in the film.  In that conversation it’s evident that Alexis has no problem being the person to tell it like it is.  That scene was the first scene written for her character and was used to set tone and let audiences know what Alexis would be giving you for the movie.

End Scene

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