"Own Your Way"

There always seems to be an opinion about Tyler Perry one way or another in regards to his movies and content he provides. But let's not focus on the content right now, let's focus on his business moves. Tyler Perry was once homeless, living out of his car with only a bag of cookies to eat. Since then he's been able to become one of the most influential people in Hollywood, without actually taking the traditional route. Ask yourself this question, who in Hollywood can write, direct, act, produce, and has their own studio to see their vision come to life? Tyler Perry's vision and work ethic has catapulted him into a position not held by anyone else. His work ethic consisted of him shooting movies during the day and TV shows in the evening. He knew that once you reach the coveted number of one hundred episodes you can then go into syndication, where the real money is. So while people were busy debating on whether they liked his shows or movies, he kept on with his vision and parlayed that into a net worth of over 600 million dollars. And these are some of the reasons why BET presented him with the "Ultimate Icon" Award. So when Tyler Perry tells dreamers out there to "own your stuff, own your way", it may be wise for all of us to follow suit.

Maxin Rose