Notes from the Director...Michael "Lyfelong" Foster

Tone and I go way back, like back to my days of rapping. He was one of the first people in Charlotte radio to support me as an artist with constant invites to come to the radio and freestyle on air. This was damn near twenty years ago. Throughout the years we continued to work together on multiple projects as I transitioned into TV and film production. So when writing the script of #aSocialLoveAffair I knew exactly how to write him in.

As a Director the history that Tone and I had working together proved to be the foundation for what we were embarking on. I wrote the scene specifically for him so it was easy for him to grasp how to deliver the lines. We actually shot the scene twice for ascetic reasons, but then decided the first one we shot embodied the feeling we were going for, even though the second had a more crisp picture visually. This proved to be the right call as this scene has become one of the main scenes referenced from viewers watching the film due it’s content and perspective. This is a situation in which you see that what’s best for the story is that each scene feels organic.

As an Actor the history and chemistry that Tone and I have automatically came through on the screen. I remember Cleve and I drove to Atlanta to rehearse scenes with Tone during the same time we held rehearsals with Erica Page. That was June 2015, so by Aug 2015 when we shot the scene here in Charlotte, we were ready to go. From an acting stand point it was challenging at times for me while in character because I basically wrote the scene for Tone’s impact to be felt and for it to be a turning point in the movie. So as Tone was dropping gems constantly throughout the scene, I was trying to make sure I didn’t keep making the same facial expressions. There’s more to acting than just saying dialogue. Can you portray emotion, tell a story, and intrigue the audience without words? That’s what this scene with Tone helped me out with from an acting perspective.