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The Conscious Love Story

#TeamLeo #TeamAndrea #TeamMaina

This isn't your typical love story. This is one that shows you the difference between following your mind, and following your heart. We all have a soul mate, but don't always end up with them. #aSocialLoveAffair follows Social Media Specialist, Leo Michaels, on his journey to figure out just who is his true soul mate. Leo and Andrea seem to have the perfect relationship until old flame with unresolved issues, Maina, comes back into the picture. Gone for three years, Maina sees things have changed in Leo's life and isn't quite sure where her and Leo stand. This is a Romantic Drama that also deals with how much of an impact Social Media has on relationships this day in age and the love affair that we as society have with it. Taking place in the city of Charlotte, NC, this love triangle will sure to have you choosing sides. Are you #TeamLeo #TeamAndrea or #TeamMaina?

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