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Tai Street


Tai can really serve as a Swiss army knife. She’s a writer, producer, and actress. I’ve known Tai since our teenage years so halfway through production when we added the backstory for Leo and Maina I had her read for the character of Rochelle, Maina’s best friend, and she nailed it.

As a Director, this was my first time working with Tai. She was making the transition back into narrative storylines and after the first few takes she was in her pocket. Rochelle is the best friend with good intentions that projects her past experiences onto her friend. Tai brought an authenticity to the role of Rochelle. She had to be strong in her beliefs, but at the same time not seem like she was telling her friend what to do. She was able accomplish this while walking a thin line that some would absolutely agree with what she’s telling Maina, while others would feel like she was just doing the most.

Look forward to seeing Tai involved in other future projects in a multitude of different facets.

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