Shelton-Demar Lewis

Notes from the Director...Michael "Lyfelong" Foster

I knew Shelton would either be playing Leo or Slick’s role, we just had a few moving parts that went into making that decision.  We ended up assigning Slick’s character to Shelton to bring to life.  Shelton and I had worked together on some of my other short films so we already had a great working relationship. 

As a Director working with Shelton is always great, starting with how he approaches every role.  Over the years we’ve developed great chemistry bringing characters and stories to life so I was anxious to see how he’d approach Slick’s character.  Slick is a playboy that is living his best life as a bachelor, but we find out that Slick has deeper layers to him as well.  

As an Actor working with Shelton was a breath of fresh air because we had already established a Director/Actor working relationship so I already knew how to play off of him in the scenes.  We were already close, but working in the capacity of co-Stars over the course of making this film made our real life friendship stronger which I feel shines throughout Leo and Slick’s relationship in the film. 

One of the most memorable things for Shelton for me is once we see the growth in his character and how he manages to keep the audience rooting for him even when they might not agree with all of his views.  That takes talent! 

End Scene