Nelson J. Davis

Notes from the Director...Michael "Lyfelong" Foster

Nelson is a hustler with a relentless passion to succeed. I didn’t know him personally, but constantly saw him working on projects. And by working, I mean writing, acting, and producing his own projects. The role for Davy was written for him as his drive made me want to work with him. I don’t often meet people as driven as I am, so this was a no brainer for me.

As a Director, working with Nelson was a breeze as he’s been on so many sets he was more than familiar with the process. He stated that the role would be a challenge because it was different from any role he played before. But that’s what makes a good actor. He had to step out of his comfort zone a little as Davy’s character was a little different from the suave, sex symbol for the ladies, leading man he normally plays. It really impressed me how he never complained about a lack of screen time. He traveled from out of town, showed up on time, and got straight to business.

As an Actor, working in scenes with Nelson was fun as we formed a chemistry in rehearsals. By the time it was time to shoot, we were in sync and that shows on screen.

One of the most memorable moments for Nelson is a scene that embodies who his character is and the drama his character has to endure. You’ll just have to watch and see because anything else I say about it will be a spoiler!