Minds behind the New Classic

Executive Producers (L) Michael Foster (R) Cleveland Elam Jr.

The minds behind the new modern day love story, #aSocialLoveAffair, at the theatrical premiere setting the tone for All Star week.

Trust The Process. #aSocialLoveAffair Writer/Director, Michael Foster and Executive Producer Cleveland Elam took the long way. They could've simply made a movie to distribute, but instead they formed a plan to create a movie that was going to be the perfect set up for what was to come. A full fledged International Network highlighting Creatives of color and their works. They started conceptualizing #aSocialLoveAffair in January 2015. The character Alexis played by #VeeWess was actually the first character they knew would be in the film. For whatever reason a version of her character would've been in whatever project they shot. The story goes, as Michael came off of the Film Festival circuit he vowed it was time to do a feature. He knew that doing a feature was the best way to monetize a film, versus submitting endless short films to festivals. Foster had a feature script in the can already in the crime drama genre but wanted access to more resources before shooting that film. Elam suggested they do a love story, at which Foster initially scoffed at not wanting to do anything "cheesy" or "sappy". Cleveland suggested something along the lines of the classic film, "Love Jones", to which a light bulb went off in Foster's head. A modern day "Love Jones" in the social media era.

Their writing process for the film would start as a conversation about the theme and the characters involved. After hours on the phone building worlds, Michael takes all of that and puts it into screenplay format. He focuses more on the dialogue of the scenes, being influenced by Tarantino in that regard. He likes for his characters to be the smartest people in the room and isn't apologetic about it. His characters have a sense of class, ambition, wit, and confidence. Michael wrote the first 25-30 pages so fast that he surprised himself and Executive Producer Cleveland. He had become more efficient with his writing as he knew he would be casting all of the leads from his short films into the movie. He crafted scenes around the talents of the people he was already comfortable working with and created gold. After table reads and road trips to Atlanta for rehearsals, the duo decided to start shooting in July 2015. They initially shot in July, August, and September.

Towards the end of September they took a break from production to regroup and handle their international affairs. Elam went to London as a liaison strengthening their relationships amongst the London scene of Creatives. It was there in which a fellow content creator mentioned to him about marketing in parts of Africa. During this time Foster went to Paris to direct the first of a series of "lifestyle films" for The Inner Elite brand serving as Creative Director. Elam took a train over to Paris and the two discussed how to move forward with the film. It was a moment in time that changed how they'd approach everything moving forward. Michael and his wife were expecting their youngest daughter Brielle in October. He focused on his wife and family until production started back up in December and stands firmly with that decision to this day.

Scheduling conflicts and personal life tribulations caused production to be put on hold again. The duo used this time to work on making the storyline better and securing investors to finance the rest of production. From December 2017 to April 2018, including the new scenes with Erica Page (#Ambitions), they shot more of the film in a few months than they had in a few years. Foster stated that "he didn't want to cross the finish line stumbling". Principle photography was finally wrapped with the focus moving towards post production. The plan was always for them to release the film around Valentines Day so February 2019 looked like the perfect time with the NBA All Star game coming to Charlotte. They did a promo run back in early February for the first online release.

The star studded premiere night proved to be exactly what the duo envisioned for the who's who of Charlotte to come out to set the tone for NBA All Star week. The night was a success as the film was well received. Elam and Foster used the constructive criticism to then tweak the film in post for an even better version to be re-released online replacing what they'd released digitally before. And that was all just Phase One. To Be Continued...

Story by Maxin Rose