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Notes from the Director...Michael "Lyfelong" Foster

Erica and I had been talking about working together on a film for some time.  I originally cast her for a previous project that we ended up holding off on.  I saw the opportunity for her to bring a character to life that has such a strong presence in the film.  The character for Maina was written specifically with her in mind.

As a Director working with Erica was great as she comes in prepared for her role and open and eager to receive direction for her character.  She was able to capture the true essence of her character Maina Gisele.  Maina’s character had a tightrope to walk, she had to be liked by the audience all while not being viewed as a home wrecker.  

As an Actor working with Erica made me feel like I had to be totally locked in. She’s so talented that I didn’t want my performance to get lost. She has the capability to steal every scene as she brings her characters to life.  It’s the small things that she does that makes Maina’s character so believable.  Her and I had an understanding of what our characters' relationship meant to the film.  The story line relies heavily on the chemistry between Leo and Maina being felt even when we don’t see them on screen together.  

Her shining and most memorable moment for me is a scene in which our characters face the reality of the demise of their relationship.  The scene takes her character through a different range of emotions to pull off and without me giving away the details of the scene I’ll just say she absolutely nailed it!  

Erica starred on the hit series#Ambitions produced by #WillPacker on the #OWN Network as Bella Tru. I can't wait to see what role she brings to life next.

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