Brian Daye

Notes from the Director...Michael "Lyfelong" Foster

Brian is a regal figure that has a distinguished presence about him. Brian wasn’t originally cast in the film, as his character didn’t even exist, but after one or two conversations with him I knew I had to write him in. Brian is the real deal when it comes to acting as he was taught by one of the best. With this type of wealth of knowledge as an actor I felt it’d be in the best interest of the film to include someone of his stature.

As a Director working with Brian was something I felt I needed as an artist. He was the most seasoned actor that I’d ever met and had the chance to work with and I knew that I could learn so much from him. He approached his character in a way that I’d never seen and made suggestions about the character’s back story that helped add layers that were previously not there.

I didn’t get the opportunity to work as an actor in a scene with Brian, but applied what I learned from watching how he approached the role.

The most memorable moments in my dealings with Brian during the process of making the film was he was always encouraging me every time we saw each other to get the film finished. With all the challenges that go on in everyday life, it was a great feeling to have someone that I revered constantly giving me words of encouragement throughout the four year process. Definitely looking forward to working with him again.